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Adding Cc and Bcc recipients to your message

You can add Cc or Bcc recipients to your message. Here's how:

  1. Choose "Message > Add Cc" from the menu bar.
  2. Enter the email address.

Cc and Bcc work differently in Direct Mail than in other email apps

Cc and Bcc recipients are handled differently in Direct Mail than what you might be used to in other email programs. When you add a Cc recipient, he or she will receive a copy of each email sent to each person on your list. For example, if you add "" as a Cc address and then send your message to a list of 100 people, then "" will receive 100 emails (one email for each person on the list).

Instead of adding Cc or Bcc recipients to your message, in most cases it is more appropriate to simply add them to your mailing list in the Addresses tab.

If you are using the Pay Per Email plan, then each Cc or Bcc address will require extra email credits. Using the example above (one Cc address and 100 recipients on your list), you would need 200 email credits:

2 emails per recipient × 100 recipients = 200 emails = 200 credits.

You cannot specify unique Cc or Bcc addresses for each recipient.

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