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About the SMTP Plan

The SMTP Plan enables the SMTP Access feature of Direct Mail. This feature allows you to send email via your own SMTP servers. Before purchasing this plan, please check with your email administrators to make sure that the email servers you are planning on using can handle the volume and type of email you plan to send.

The SMTP Access feature of your account can be used in place of, or alongside any of the other plans (Pay Per Email or Unlimited).

The SMTP Plan does not unlock all of Direct Mail’s features. There are some limitations when using this plan:

  • Autoresponders must be sent via e3 Delivery Service (i.e. the Pay Per Email or Unlimited plans)
  • No automatic handling of bounces, spam complaints, and deliverability issues
  • Reports for campaigns sent with your own mail server do not appear in Stamps for iOS
  • Reports for campaigns sent with your own mail server cannot be shared on the web

Other than that, however, the rest of Direct Mail's features work the same as on other plans, including:

  • Email open and click tracking
  • Unsubscribe, update email, web version, and forward to a friend links
  • Subscribe forms
  • Spam tests
  • Design tests
  • etc.

Try our Pay Per Email or Unlimited plans instead for unlimited, fast, and worry-free delivery of your email using e3 Delivery Service.

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