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About email tracking

Direct Mail can track the interactions your recipients have with your email. Our servers collect information each time your recipient opens or clicks on a link in your email. That information can be viewed in Direct Mail in the Reports tab.

The following information about each email open is recorded:

  • Recipient
  • Time
  • Location
  • Email Client

The following information about each click is recorded:

  • Recipient
  • Time
  • Location
  • URL

You can view this information in Direct Mail under the "Reports" tab. The Summary view shows this information in aggregate. The Recipients view shows it on a detailed per-recipient basis.

How open tracking works

When you enable tracking, Direct Mail inserts a small, invisible image in each outgoing message. When your recipient opens the email, the image is loaded from our tracking servers and we record the event. If the recipient has image loading turned off, the open will not be recorded. More information about understanding and improving open rates can be found here.

How link tracking works

When you enable tracking, Direct Mail rewrites the URLs in your message to point to our tracking servers. When the recipient clicks a link, the event is recorded and the recipient is redirected to the original URL.

Enabling or disabling tracking

Tracking is enabled by default. If you would rather not track a campaign, uncheck the "Track email opens and clicks" checkbox that appears when you click the Send button.

If you want to keep tracking enabled, but exclude specific links in your message from being tracked, control-click (or right-click) on the link and choose “Disable Tracking for this Link”.

Some types of links cannot be tracked

Links that point to an email address (i.e. “mailto:” links) or a telephone number (i.e. “tel:” links) cannot be tracked. The links will be functional, but any clicks on those links will not appear in your campaign report. If you have imported a custom template into Direct Mail that uses links in an image map, those links will not be tracked, either.

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