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Importing addresses from MySQL

Direct Mail can import addresses from a MySQL database. Here's how:

  1. Choose Addresses > Import From > MySQL Database from the menu bar.
  2. Enter the connection details and SQL query.
  3. Enter the number of columns expected in the result set.
  4. For each column in your result set, choose which Direct Mail column you want the value inserted into.
  5. Click Import.

You may want to use general-purpose MySQL client (like Sequel Pro) to test your query before executing it in Direct Mail.

If Direct Mail cannot connect to your MySQL server, you may want to check the following:

  • Make sure you have entered the server, port, username, password, database, and query correctly.
  • Make sure your MySQL server does not have firewall settings blocking your machine.
  • Make sure your MySQL server has granted the appropriate permissions to your IP address (and username/password credentials).

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