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Creating a custom plain-text alternative

It is a good idea to include a plain-text version of your message for recipients that cannot (or do not want to) view HTML emails. Direct Mail automatically creates a plain-text alternative for you, but you can override that and create your own, if you'd like. However, before investing the time to create your own, you may want to use the Preview window to inspect what the automatically generated plain-text version looks like. In nearly all cases, it will be a good representation of your message.

To create a custom plain-text version:

  1. Choose Message > Plain Text Alternative > Manual from the menu bar at the top of your screen.
  2. Edit the plain-text version that appears in the bottom portion of the window

You can preview what your plain-text version will look like using the Preview window. Choose Message > Preview Message from the menu bar, then click the left-most "View" icon in the toolbar.

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